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14th-Jul-2010 01:29 am - Modes of Persuasion, Chapter 2/?
spider-man, peter parker

Title: Modes of Persuasion
Fandom: Spider-Man (movieverse 1-3)
Pairing: Harry/Peter
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Spider-Man, the comics and the movies, do not belong to me, and I am making no profit off of this.
Chapter Summary: In which Harry gets drunk, buries his father, and breaks up with everyone.

Author's Note:
  I am apparently incapable of writing anything short because this fic is going to be HUGE.  Also, I'm not Catholic, so if you notice anything glaringly wrong pertaining to Catholic funerals in this chapter , please do tell.  Lastly, Microsoft Word went crazy on me and I had to re-do the spacing on LJ.  So sorry if some of the formatting in wonky.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am looking for a beta for this but haven't the foggiest idea where to start.  Suggestions?

Chapter 2Collapse )
spider-man, peter parker
5500 / 20000 words. 28% done!

(Haha.  That's a modified version of the NaNoWriMo word count meter, btw)

I'm not that worried about getting the word count down.  It's finishing the fic that freaks me out.  That's only 2 chapters.  Man, it's going to be a monster.

29th-Jun-2010 02:17 pm - Modes of Persuasion, Chapter 1/?
spider-man, peter parker
Title: Modes of Persuasion
Fandom: Spider-Man (movieverse 1-3)
Pairing: Harry/Peter
Rating: PG-13 (angst now, fun and sexy times later)
Disclaimer.  Spider-Man, the comics and the movies, do not belong to me, and I am making no profit off of this.
Summary: He's an awkward, web-slinging mutate who's trying to reconcile his superhero status with his abysmal private life.  He's the handsome heir of a global corporate empire with serious daddy issues and money to burn.  Together, they fight crime!
Author's Note:  Well, here we go.  This story picks up at the end of the first Spider-Man movie but with one very drastic change.  Also, I have obviously put on my slash goggles to write this.

Chapter 1Collapse )
23rd-Jun-2010 10:39 pm - Oh God, what am I doing to myself?
spider-man, peter parker
So I was watching Spider-Man 3 yesterday with my little brother.  It is gloriously awful.  But James Franco is so so pretty.  Though, to be honest,  I always thought Harry was a little too obsessed with Spider-Man.  There's definitely is a lot of slash potential there.  Searching for fic online hasn't turned up the kind of Harry/Peter story I want to read though.  I would prefer something long and for heaven's sake, consensual (oh fandom).

Must.  Not.  Write.  Spider-Man.  Slash.

Oh crap.  Too late for that.  I'm over a 1000 words invested in this shit already, y'all.  And I still have that Dean/Cas Big Bang that's giving me a headache (I need to get a word count meter up here soon).

spider-man, peter parker
A few weeks ago, my friend and I came up with a Great Idea.  We called this Great Idea, One Shot Oneshot.  The basic premise is that you imbibe some alcohol, and then you're given 20 minutes to spew out a fic.

Well, yesterday night, we put our Idea into practice.  Four of us got together with our laptops and some vodka.  There was also penis cake.  I shit you not, Trypto baked us a penis cake.  Well, it was more like penis-shaped bread covered in green fondant (guess which fandom she's currently preoccupied with?).  My friends and I, of course, found this all hilarious and spent the night giggling and writing porn.  One person wrote tentacle porn, to which I can only say, more power to you, girl.  Actually, I'm slightly disappointed to say that my friends wrote considerably more porn than I did.  I learned that given a little boost, Trypto can fuckin' power write smut, goddamn.

Each of us got to suggest one prompt (mine was Prompt 2) which basically meant it was like a RL kink meme.  Awesome. 

All in all, that was the best, cracked-out way to celebrate the end of classes EVER.

Here's my four responses to the prompt.  Remember, I was a little tipsy at the time.  Don't expect any of it to make sense.

Prompt 1: Child genius comes to future and competes with older self; ownage includedCollapse )

Prompt 2: Character A gets really turned on by an inhuman aspect of Character BCollapse )

Prompt 3: Something involving a swimming pool and a first timeCollapse )

Prompt 4: Character A goes through Character B's closet; craziness ensuesCollapse )
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